Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Froggie Facts

Is it already May?  The kids and I have been so busy that time is flying by.  The big news in our classroom right now is that we have a frog!  We received 5 Bullfrog tadpoles the week after Spring Break and now we are down to 3 tadpoles and 1 frog.  The kids have been feeding the frog crickets and observing him.  He loves to sit on the rock in our tank.  Two of the tadpoles have back legs and we are waiting for their front legs to grow.  Hopefully they will soon, so our lone frog can have some buddies.  Here is a picture that shows the life cycle that the students got to observe (tadpole, froglet, frog).

We also did a ton of writing about our tadpoles and frog.  Here is some of our writing.  I'm so proud of all of the writers that we have this year.  They are fantastic writers!

Lastly, we do have two new class pets.  Can you see them in this
picture?  We have two dwarf frogs, which are a species of aquatic frogs.  They live only in the water.  The kids and I also did some research on the African Frog, which is also an aquatic frog.

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our classroom.  The kids are really enjoying our research and learning about different life cycles.  This week we are learning about insect life cycles.  I will post more about this later this week.  Thanks for reading our blog.