Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tadpoles and Froglets and Frogs ... OH MY!

We are busy busy First Graders recently.  We just started learning about frogs and boy do the kids love them!  We just recently started using popplet and our class created this wonderful popplet on the frog life cycle.  The kids LOVED using the drawing feature and drew each of the steps on the life cycle.  We made this poplet as a whole class, so each of the kids took turns drawing and typing in the words to explain the life cycle.  Here is what the class created.

If you want your child to create popplets at home you can go to the web based version at or you can download the app on your iPhone, iPad, or android phone.  It allows you to create a free account and create up to five popplets.  If your child creates a popplet at home make sure to share it with me.  I would love to see what they create at home.

I have been not so great at updating my blog this year.  I will work super hard to get it updated every 2 weeks.  Thanks for reading our blog!