Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Shelf Elf

Our class is very lucky because Santa sent one of his helper elves to visit our classroom.  Lou the Elf will be visiting our classroom every day until Christmas Break.  The kids starting writing letters to Lou to tell him what they would like for Christmas.  Lou goes back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa all of the wonderful things our class is doing.  He got to see the kids write their bear poems and even practice skip counting by twos.

Here is where we found Lou this morning.  He wrote us this nice note.

We can't wait to see where Lou shows up tomorrow.  I will be sharing his picture and the letters that the kids are writing on Friday, so check back then!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Going Batty!

Our study on NonFiction continues this week and we are studying bats!  The kids are writing their own NonFiction books all about bats.  I can't wait till they are finished and I can share them with you.  Their writing is really improving!

In reading, we read the Scholastic News About Bats.  The kids learned that there is a bat called the Ghost Bat and it is white.  How fascinating!  The Scholastic News also helped us review the NonFiction features of labels and captions.

The most exciting thing our class is starting is Edmodo which is an interactive classroom community.  I will be sending home your child's username and password and our classroom code.  The kids will be able to interact with each other by taking quizzes and responding to posts that I post about things that we are learning in the classroom.  They can even do this from home with your supervision.

I will be posting the kids bat work very stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spelling City

The kids and I just started using a new technology in our classroom and it is called Spelling City.  The kids absolutely LOVE it, so we have added it to our workstation rotation.  The kids are able to use it to play games to help them practice their spelling words.  They even can use it to practice using their spelling words in sentences.  At the end, they can take an online test to see what words they need to practice more.

Spelling City would be a great tool to use at home to help your child practice their spelling words.